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We are a web design company located in South Lake Tahoe, CA.
We specialize in creating creative functional websites for small to medium businesses, organizations, athletes and individuals. We have been building websites since 2005. Our first website was a very successful site that featured jobs for photographers. Since then we have we have constructed dozens of websites for ourselves, friends and local businesses alike.

We specialize in building websites, blogs and setting up social networking, so that once up and running, they do not require technical skills to update, in fact anybody with the genuine interest to do so can hop on and work on the website/blog themselves.
We specialize in the creation of nice basic websites - no gimmicks, no fancy animations, just a good straightforward website to get you established and on the internet.

We know there are crazy deals online. People offering "too good to be true" deals on website design, advertising, hosting, etc. Problem is, most people find out the hard way that the design deal was "to good to be true" after all, and that the website did not meet their expectations. Most of the time this is because these companies are outsourcing your web design to foreign companies in places like India or the Philippines where obvious cultural, and language differences usually result in an inferior site. We have never outsourced 1 job ever and we never will, that's just not our style! I guarantee that your website service will be done entirely by Syncro Web Design staff members right here on-site and not farmed out to cheap inferior labor.

Our Portfolio

To see a few of the websites we have designed over the years please Click Here. I encourage you to contact us and discuss how Syncro Web Design can help you achieve your online goals. Contact us today to get a FREE consultation!


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