Adding a Photo Gallery to Your Website

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and I couldn't agree more, there's nothing quite like a glimpse into your world via pictures for your adoring fans. Having been a professional photographer myself for many years until recently, I fully understand the value and the power of images.

When it comes to adding a photo gallery to your website there are several different options to consider. Some of the popular choices are listed below. 

Adding an Onsite Photo Gallery

Here is an example of a photo gallery created by uploading images right to your sites picture gallery widget. There are a few other styles to select from for instance with borders, close together etc...

Adding a Flickr Gallery to Your Website

Flickr is a popular photo sharing website hosted by Yahoo. You may have heard of it or possibly even have your own flickr gallery already. Below is an example of how a a Flickr gallery displays on your site. New photos will automatically refresh when loaded.

Add a SmugMug Gallery to Your Website

What the heck is SmugMug? Well, it's one of the better photo sharing sites out there, we have been using them for several years and have been very satisfied with them. It is NOT a free service however, as there is a yearly fee to maintain your gallery at SmugMug. Also they have a wonderful gallery setup with fulfillment  for professional photographers selling their work. Here's a professional photographer website which features a SmugMug slide show on its homepage, please allow a minute for the slide show to load. Here's another photography site we created with SmugMug.

Below is a really good example of how nice the SmugMug gallery really looks when it is installed on one of your webpages. BTW SmugMug has an outstanding program the gives the pro photographer the power to sell their pictures via an awesome gallery on the web. You shoot the pictures, upload to your gallery, send folks there to buy the shots and let SmugMug do the rest. They field the customer order, secure payment, make the print or gift, ship it and send you a check less their commission which is fairly reasonable all things considered.

Adding a photo gallery to your website $75
Adding a Flickr Gallery to your website $75
Adding a SmugMug Gallery to your website $75

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