Budget Website Design Package

Afraid your way over budget with your new business start-up, and you could never afford a website too? 
Well, the good news is you still can get  your website project off the ground without spending a pretty penny. For instance, here's our lowest cost website design package for even the most modest budget.

The Yola Free Plan gives us the power to help you get your foot-in-the-door on a budget. We'll design, build and publish a nice website for you, to a Yola sub-domain for a nice price that'll fit even the tightest budget, under a hundred bucks, that's right - just $99.

Keep in mind that as your business grows, you can always upgrade to a paid package with premium features like a custom domain name with personalized email and more pages for instance, to help you look more professional and appeal to a broader clientele range.

Budget Starter Website - The One-Page Website Solution

For only $99, you can get your small business on the World Wide Web!

The business card or one-page website package is for anyone who needs a presence on the World Wide Web, but doesn't have the finances to build a full scale website. In today’s business world, many people search the Internet for companies in their area that offer a specific service or product they need. By at least having a simple one-page site, potential clients will be able to find your business and get in touch with you about your goods or services.

What is included in a one-page starter website?

With our business card/one-page starter websites, we include all of the information you would find on a standard business card such as company name, logo, description of your business and contact information. 1 Page of your Content Added.

  • A custom-designed 1 page website featuring your text and image content  (you can add 2 pages later)
  • Included a Yola sub-domain (yourname.yola.com)
  • Included we will use your company’s colors, logo and design ideas if you have them
  • Included free hosting package limited to 1 GB bandwidth
  • Included easy website editor
  • Included social media integration
  • Included site statistics
  • Included storage space 1 GB for images etc.
  • Included updates for 30 days after webpage is launched

The features above are included in the Budget Starter Web Design Package.

Note: you can upgrade anytime.

What kind of options in a one-page starter website?

With our business card/one-page websites, we even offer the opportunity to add certain features to your page. Like a small portfolio/gallery of your products or services. More options are listed here, you may select 3 options from the list below:
  • Optional photo gallery
  • Optional video module
  • Optional about me/us module
  • Optional contact form
  • Optional guestbook
  • Optional google map
  • Optional appointments
  • Optional resource links

Choosing 3 options from the list above will add increased functionality to your starter website. The most popular options in this starter web design package are the contact form, map and photo gallery, but you can pick whatever works best for your needs. Adding a photo gallery and videos to your website helps visitors enjoy your new website.

The Budget/Starter Website Design Package
A 1 Page Website
Only $99*

*Upgrade the hosting package to include a custom domain name, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited pages, anytime your ready to expand. Simply sign into your website dashboard and upgrade to the Yola Bronze Package for only $5.95/mo.

What is NOT included in your website package?

We want your website to be undoubtedly yours, and reflect your business perfectly. To facilitate this, we have found that the best content including text, videos and images comes from the experts in the niche (that would be you). When you hire us to construct a website for you there are some things that will be needed but are not included in your web design package.

For instance we will ask for your company logo, site text, pictures and videos are content we can feature on your site to help with the branding of your business, but this info is supplied by the business.
However, if you need assistance, we provide a full range of copywriter services, from editing your content to full content generation, and stock photos for an additional fee.

What information is needed before getting started on your website?

Ready to make this happen? The first step is to fill out our website design questionnaire to help us narrow down just what your looking for. Also, there are a few items we'll need from you before we can get started on your website, like your company logo, your physical address and contact information. Gather as much content as you can before you start building, it makes the whole design process a lot quicker.

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