The Gold Website Design Package

Do you want to have control who enters the content on your website? As long as you have access to the Internet, you can do just that. An easy website builder that stores your website content (i.e. text, photos, music, video, documents, etc.).  For the most part the easy website builders we use require very little technical skill if any. You supply the drive and motivation to keep your website up-to-date and it'll keep your patrons and potential clients coming back.

The Yola Gold Plan powers our Gold Web Design Package and gives us the tools to help you get your business online and plenty of room to share most products or services. We'll design, build and publish a nice website for you, to your own custom domain for a price that still rather affordable. Under for 3 hundred bucks - just $1575.

Small Business Deluxe 15 Page Website Solution

At Syncro Web Design we know many small businesses simply don’t have the budget for a large presence on the Web.  But we also know a quality website is the best way to increase your brand identity.  A Design Expressions website can advertise your company’s services, increase sales, and help your company become a global competitor in days, all while fitting into your budget.

We handle the entire process for you including registering your domain name if you haven't got one yet, setting up your website account, creating a custom-designed web site and setting up your e-mail accounts. (Hosting and domain name registration is included only when purchased through SyncroWebDesign.)

Small to Medium Premium Business Website Solution

What is included in the fifteen page website?

Our Gold Premium Website Package includes:
  • A 15 page custom-designed website featuring your text and image content  (add more pages later)
  • Included custom domain name
  • Included we use your company’s colors, logo and design ideas
  • Included one-year basic hosting package
  • Included unlimited bandwidth
  • Included social media integration
  • Included site statistics
  • Included search engine submission
  • Included updates for 30 days after website is launched
  • Included basic SEO search engine optimization
  • Included easy website editor
  • Included custom favicon
  • Included un-branded website
  • Included premium templates
  • Included 3000 stock photos
  • Included advanced SEO tools

The features above are included in the Silver Web Design Package.

What kind of options in the 15-page Premium Website Package?

With our Gold 15-page premium business websites, we offer the chance to add certain features to your page. Like a small portfolio/gallery of your products or services. More options are listed here, you may select 12 options from the list below:
  • Optional photo gallery
  • Optional video module
  • Optional about me/us module
  • Optional contact form
  • Optional guestbook
  • Optional google map
  • Optional events calendar
  • Optional PayPal integration
  • Optional appointments
  • Optional resource links
  • Optional analytics
  • Optional custom email
  • Optional privacy policy
  • Optional site search
  • Optional mobile website
  • Optional eCommerce store

Choosing 12 options from the list above will add increased functionality to your basic website package. The most popular options in this basic web design package are the contact form, map and photo gallery, about us page, but you can pick whatever works best for your needs. Adding a features to your website helps visitors enjoy your new website.

The Gold Website Package
A 15 Page Premium Website
Only $1575

Syncro Web Design offers an easy, affordable payment plan of $787.50 at contract signing, then another $787.50 after the website launch.

We also offer the following upgrades for an additional charge:

Need a logo? We can help you with that too! Learn more.
Additional pages for only $75 per page***

What is NOT included in your website package?

We want your website to be undoubtedly yours, and reflect your business perfectly. To facilitate this, we have found that the best content including text, videos and images comes from the experts in the niche (that would be you). When you hire us to construct a website for you there are some things that will be needed but are not included in your web design package.

For instance we will ask for your company logo, site text, pictures and videos are content we can feature on your site to help with the branding of your business, but this info is supplied by the business.
However, if you need assistance, we provide a full range of copywriter services, from editing your content to full content generation, and stock photos for an additional fee.

What information is needed before getting started on your website?

Ready to make this happen? The first step is to fill out our website design questionnaire to help us narrow down just what your looking for. Also, there are a few items we'll need from you before we can get started on your website, like your company logo, your physical address and contact information. Gather as much content as you can before you start building, it makes the whole design process a lot quicker.

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