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Over the years we have created many, many websites in a wide range of niches. We are proud to say that the great majority of the websites we have constructed have gone on to be successful beyond our greatest expectations.

In addition to website design we also have lots of experience in the area of search engine optimization & developing a strong social networking presence online. Nowadays the two seem to go hand in hand.

Jobs Website

Our first website ever! Back in the day we used to have a photography company based out of Lake Tahoe in California. We shot portrait and action photos of skiers and boarders shredding on the slopes. We decided that this site would not only help photographers find jobs, but help us recruit photographers for our on-mountain ski photography service too. It was a bigger success than we had ever expected. Eventually however the ski resort was sold to the huge mega company Vail Resorts and they do their own photography so...

Automotive Repair

Here's a website I created back in 2009 for a Lake Tahoe Auto Repair shop called Struve Automotive. In addition to auto repair Jim Struve operates a secure vehicle storage yard, U-haul Rental facility so as you'll see that was integrated into the site as well. Please note the URL we chose for his car repair service. We did some research and found the popular search term for his niche and got him a web address designed to get him new customers. Sure we could have secured StruveAutoRepair.com but the URL www.tahoeautorepair.com which gives him the advantage in local search results for tahoe auto repair. Look at the at the bottom of his site it has had more than 6100 visitors since it was launched, that is traffic translates into business!

Affiliate Website

Not long after starting our photography company in Tahoe, we decided to diversify and try our hand at another online niche. After some research we decided to go into the gift ideas business online. We started creating gift guides at Squidoo.com which featured Christmas and Valentine's Day gift ideas, birthday presents, kids gifts, gifts for him and gifts for her, you get the picture. Well, eventually in 2009 we created our own gift ideas website complete with a gift ideas blog. Our gift ideas website is active to this day and is fully integrated into the social media online with it's own Twitter, Facebook Page, Pinterest etc.

Online Community

After our outstanding success in the gift ideas niche, we decided it was time to establish an online gift ideas community to gather with fellow interested individuals and share gifts and ideas. We used the NING platform to create the new gift ideas community because of the variety of features they have to offer. Our community has a blog and a forum and much more. It takes a while to establish a community like this but it is growing steadily over time.

Athlete Website

Several years ago I created a website for extreme skier JJ Shiller, a friend of mine that is an outstanding skier that calls Kirkwood Home Resort. He has competed in several big mountain extreme competitions and done very well. This website can be expanded upon and customized to suit the athlete.

Tumblr Blog

Here's a Tumblr blog that we created for a business that specializes in gift ideas. Tumblr has recently grown to one of the top 10 most visited websites in the USA, and the micro-blogging site is now more popular with the under 25 crowd than Facebook. More and more businesses are embracing Tumblr in their social marketing programs.

Twitter Micro Blog

According to TwiAge.com we created this Photography related Twitter in February of 2009. It now has more than 59,000 followers and growing steadily. It features the popular topic of photography tips and has has nearly 3000 tweets featuring tips and tricks for amateur and professional photography g

Pinterest Sample

Here's a Pinterest site that we created for a gift ideas affiliate marketing company. It is growing with 85 pin Boards and currently over 2000 pins. Several of the pin board galleries rank very well in Google bringing significant traffic to the main shopping website.


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