Website Templates

A website template is a pre-designed
content management framework used to create a webpage, or set of pages called a website. Templates are filled with your own content and images to setup a unique website.

Web templates are used to set up the look and feel the website. Once a website template is chosen, we fill the template with your personal, business, organizational or product information. We'll work with you to find a template that's right for your business.

Using a website template as a base and having a professional create your website will allow for a substantial savings over having a developer create a new website from scratch.

Standard Templates

We have a large variety of pre-designed website templates from which to choose from. Standard templates such as the one used on this website are very professional looking, yet require no graphics knowledge or special software to be personalized. Simply select colors and font parameters then add your own text and images to the ready-made pages and your set.

Premium Templates

Our upper level website design packages feature exclusive access to the premium website templates which feature additional attractive, polished themes with lots of customization options to personalize your websites look, layout and navigation to make the website unique.

These beautifully designed premium templates make your website even more attractive, unique look and awesome functionality. Premium template designs utilize web optimization technology to help make your site nice and fast and are designed to look especially great on mobile devices.

How it works:
★Standard website templates are included with all Website Design Packages.
★Premium website templates are also included in some upper level web design packages.
★For an additional cost, you can upgrade plans anytime to gain access premium templates.
★Want us to freshen up your websites look with a new template? We can do that!

★Website Template Switch $75

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