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Oh So Easy…

With the website builder we utilize, you don’t need a computer science degree or art training to update your website, if you can point and click, you can use this easy website editor. The website editor we use works just like your word processor, allowing you to edit text and photos with ease. Which means that after your site is done you'll be able to go in and update it yourself anytime 24/7, in fact it's so easy to update your website almost anybody with the motivation can do it.

You would probably be surprised to find out how many websites you visit now-a-days use one of these easy website builder solutions, either stock or customized. In fact you don't need us, it is possible and relatively easy to install and set up a Yola website yourself, yes it will be time consuming, particularly if this is the first time building a site, but you can do it. No time? Consider finding a designer with experience who can do it for you, like us.

This ease of editing allows you to update your website pages, add pages, or delete pages, even add your own videos, images, forms and more. It’s so satisfying, it’s almost fun! But don’t worry, if your busy and you’d like us to assist, we’re here to help. A dedicated web master is always standing by to lend a hand with your website.

Create New Pages Anytime

Want to update your business hours or share a new product or service on your site? The visual website manager makes it easy for you to create new pages for your website and integrate it into your site navigation. In fact once we build your website and turn it over to you, you are then welcome to create as many additional pages as you want, for free, and guess what, there's no page limit, so go ahead and add new content, pictures, video, or whatever you want to your pages and then publish them for all the world to see. Most people find that once the theme and structure of the website is fully established, it's easier to see the bigger picture and know what they want.

Below is a video introduction to Yola.com which is one of the website builders out there, in fact we use Yola to create sites that are very easy to update:

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